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The High Rise Flooring Experts

Cleaning carpet and flooring in Highrise buildings require special equipment and cleaning expertise. Truck mounted steam cleaning processes are great. However, they can't be used in Highrise buildings. The expertise and equipment of your technician is critical to the success of your job. That's where we can help!.



The Importance of Clean Carpet


Carpet's Function

Even though you are clean and careful, your carpets they will eventually need a deep cleaning to bring them back to their original splendor. This is due in large part to carpets function as a filter in your home. Carpets trap not only visible stains like food in the fibers but also the dust, dirt and bacteria in your air. When the air in the room is calm, the particles in the air sink into the carpet and become trapped, effectively cleaning the air in your residence.

Your carpet can only hold in so much dust before regular foot traffic starts to bring it back up. Furthermore, the dirt and debris in the air can, overtime, damage the fibers in the carpet if not cleaned fairly regularly.


The Functions of Clean Carpet:
  • Filters Home
  • Traps Stains
  • Filters Dust and Dirt
  • Filters Bacteria
  • Cleans Air

We offer Commercial Convenience


Commercial Cleaning

Of all the decisions you make in running your business, carpet cleaning should not be one. High Rise Carpet Cleaning and Flooring Experts will take that decision off your schedule.

High Rise Carpet Cleaning and Flooring Experts will set up an annual cleaning schedule to give you peace of mind when it comes to your floor care. We will organize an annual cleaning schedule for evenings, weekends or holidays. This will insure that your business productivity is not impacted due to wet flooring.


Cleaning Convenience:
  • Your Schedule
  • Annual Cleaning
  • Weekends or Holidays
  • No Impacted Business
  • No Stress

Service Features

  • Great Staff: Our uniformed english-speaking technicians are both knowledgeable and courteous.
  • Safe Products: We use safe organic products .
  • Insured: We are insured to protect you.

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Eco Friendly Products
Stain Experts

Portable Power

We use a powerful compact steam cleaning process to deep clean and sanitize your carpets. Our portable system provides a 300 Psi (pounds for every square inch) water pump with 3-stage vacuum. This ensures that we have the power and extraction muscle for the most diffcult jobs..

Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning

Dust and mildew can hide deep within your upholstery or drapes. A good cleaning from Highrise Carpet Cleaning will remove all the harmful particles from the fabric so that you and your family can breathe easy.

Rug Cleaning

ImageRug Cleaning Process

We will use the gentlest methods to effectively clean rugs and bring them back to life. Every rug has its own design and style. Highrise Carpet Cleaning we have complete knowledge of how to effectively clean your rugs.

Tile Cleaning

ImageTile Cleaning Process

To insure your ceramic tiles look their best, they need professional attention. Whether your tiles are on your floor, wall or countertop, you can count on Highrise Carpet Cleaning experts to make them look great.

Our powerful and exclusive 6 cleaning process will restore your tile and grout to a like new condition. The process will remove those stubborn stains and years of soil build up safely, effectively and economically.